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Looloo - Toilet Training Solutions

Whimsy Woodland Bed Mate: Bassinet Sheet Protectors

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Dribble, vomit, wee, sweat ....yip our kids do all of these things when in bed. But how good would it be to just change a pad and not have to strip the whole bed?!? Throw it in the wash and line dry or tumble dry ready for next time.

This super-soft waterproof sheet protector sits on your child's sheet and makes clean up a breeze. Simply peel off the bedmate and put a new one down. Then resettle your child to sleep. No need to remake a whole bed in the middle of the night.

Available as a bassinet size or king single with tuckable wings. 

We recommend buying 2 so you have 1 ready for a quick change in your child's room.

Great for putting on the couch when toilet training.


+ Cotton top fleece inner, waterproof breathable layer and bamboo bottom

+ Non-toxic - PVC, phthalates, lead and formaldehyde-free

+ Soft to sleep on with no crinkly plastic sounds

+ Very absorbent

+ Breathable

+ Antibacterial & hypoallergenic


Bassinet size: 35cm x 70cm

King Single with wings: 

Bed pad: 110cm width X 90cm length

Wings: 60cm width X 80cm length