Undies Club Specials

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A big hello and welcome to the undies club. Your child's undies draw is about to get a makeover.

Here at Looloo we get it, you don't have time to trawl around the shops with a little person in toe, trying to find underwear that they will actually wear. So we do the hard work of finding the best undies and send them over to your place.

Here's how it works...

+ You order by the 20th of this month

+ On the first of November, we'll send you a bag of the cutest undies for your little person. It's all the benefits of a subscription box without being tied into a monthly plan.

+ Don't forget, when you order put in the comments your child's name and they can get the whole package personally addressed to them.

Which would you prefer?

Packs Available:

Charlie Banana reusable swimming underwear. One layer of tencil and the waterproof outer layer. Adjustable waist tie and stretchy leg bands.

+ Car Pack

Malibu swimming undies + Soccer swimming undies + Car Weepals toilet aiming sticker

+ Butterfly Pack

Ballerina swimming undies + Pink cotton swimming undies + Butterfly Weepals potty sticker