Looloo Treasure Box: Race Car Theme
Looloo Treasure Box: Race Car Theme
Looloo Treasure Box: Race Car Theme
Looloo Treasure Box: Race Car Theme
Looloo Treasure Box: Race Car Theme

Looloo Treasure Box: Race Car Theme

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So your mini doesn't really care about crappy nappies and is happy to run around with a soggy butt. They show no signs of changing anytime soon.

It seems like a distant dream...your child leaving their toys, walking down the hallway, getting the business in the loo, flushing and washing their hands; without a tantrum or needing constant reminders.

Behold… the magic of Looloo treasure, worth kicking the nappy habit for. 

The Looloo Treasure Box captures imagination, helping your little person to tame wee and poo by anointing the loo.  

This box contains

+ Game Board 

The winning formula is fun. Play a game that they can win and celebrate their progress with sparkles.

+ Weepals Car Toilet  Aiming Sticker

Watch the wonder as your child does a wee in the potty and a green dog appears.

+ Organic Cotton and Bamboo Underwear

This underwear should come with a warning because it is soooo soft and comfy your child may not want to wear anything else. No more wedged knickers in the wrong places or nasty leg marks from cheap and nasty elastic. Your pack with include a pair of size 3 knickers unless you let us know of a size that would suit better.

+ Sophia and Mason Learn to Use the Loo 

So your child has no idea what they are doing when it comes to toilet training? Never fear Sophia and Mason are here.

Save the "parenting lecture" on how to use the toilet and simply read the book to your child. Sophia and Mason introduce the language of toileting and the steps for what to do to use the loo. 

So no matter which gender of child you have there is a demo of each.  

+ Potty Talk: Toilet Training How to Guide 

Potty Talk is the game plan to change the way you toilet train for good. With all the specific action steps to get your child owning the throne and confidently doing wees and poos without the mess and stress.

If you don't have time to read books never fear, this one is not a novel or thesis. It's easy to digest and is bursting with actionable steps without the clutter, including answers to the 20 most commonly asked questions that I get asked during live workshops.

Potty Talk is bursting full of tips and ideas to help toilet train faster and empowering you to become a toilet training pro including how to:

  • motivate kids who are reluctant
  • find the best time to start
  • avoid toilet tantrums
  • catch a poo in the loo
  • toilet train without nagging or bribery
  • get kids to go to the toilet when they would rather play

You're the expert in your child, and this book will show you how to put together an individual plan specifically for them that will actually work.

+ A Cardboard Box and Stickers to Create a Treasure Box

Get some creative flair flowing as your mini helps you transform a cardboard box into their very own treasure box. 

+ Make it their Own

What kid doesn't love receiving a personally addressed package delivered to the door? Simply record your child's name in the shopping cart notes and we'll make sure they get the special treatment.

Best suited for kids 2 1/2 years or older. 

What other parents are saying:

"Just wanted to say thank you for your tips and wonderful ideas around approaching toilet training. My 2 year old son is pretty much toilet trained day and night after 1 week.
Knowing what signs of readiness to look for was fantastic, and he was showing all of those so I knew it was time to go"
Tracey 2017