Toilet Training No Nappy Weekend
Toilet Training coach Laura Morley
Toilet Training No Nappy Weekend
Toilet Training No Nappy Weekend
Toilet Training No Nappy Weekend

Toilet Training No Nappy Weekend

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Let's start with a quiz:

+ My child is 2 - 4 years old

+ I think they are ready to abandon daytime nappies

+ They go to daycare/kindy/playcentre twice a week or more (this is not essential)

+ We don't have a holiday booked 

3-6 February

or 30 March-2 April

+ I need help and would love to have a step by step guide with my questions answered along the way.

"If you have answered yes to these questions then this toilet training group coaching is going to be so useful for you.

Our no nappy weekend is coming up. I want to personally invite you to come and join our online community of parents all toilet training their kids at the same time, with me walking along side you helping along the way."

It's super simple here's how it works

1. You let me know "yes I'm in" by registering and getting your friends to register too

2. You are sent a link to join a private Facebook group with other parents who are starting toilet training their kids at the same time as you. (If you can't find the email search for in your "all mail" or "others" folders)

3. When the programme starts, you are sent a thank you gift which includes a reward chart and a copy of my ebook Potty Talk

4. Jump into the private FB group anytime to ask a question. For 7 days, I will be doing a live QnA and coaching session for you to join (or watch delayed if you can't make it). I will provide daily suggestions for you to follow while your child is toilet training so you have your own coach helping you along the way.

5. Your child continues using the toilet or potty and only using nappies for night time.

Through this online group we will discuss:

+ What is the best way to toilet train without the battles, nagging or constant reminders?

+ How to motivate your child to get out of nappies and use the loo. How to get them to sit on it long enough to do something on it.

+ How to catch a poo on the loo.

+ What to do when your child sits on the potty or toilet and does nothing on it.

+ Whether to use disposable training pants when you go out if you are worried they may have wee puddles.

+ Potty vs toilet - which is best to start with?

+ How to set them up so they have success when they return to daycare or kindy

Register now to receive your welcome gift:

Potty Talk ebook - Your guide to walk you through how to toilet train the easy way. 

Reward Chart - A free downloadable for you to print to help motivate your child to use the loo instead of a nappy.

Your coach:

Laura Morley is a toilet training coach, teacher, author or Potty Talk and workshop presenter. She has been presenting workshops for 8 years and every year helps hundreds of parents to day and night time toilet train their kids without the stress.