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Looloo - Toilet Training Solutions

Toilet Training Online Course

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Where to start with toilet training

If you want your child to kick the nappy habit and start using the loo but don't want to be stuck at home for weeks cleaning poo off the floor; then this VIP programme is going to be super helpful.

This programme is NOT an online course filled with pushy parenting techniques that result in your child having epic tantrums and forcing you to resort to bribery with lollies and dragging your child to the potty every 20 minutes.

It's about empowering you with practical strategies that have helped hundreds of families.

Through a series of videos, our parenting coach will help teach you key strategies and tactics that can help your child to toilet train faster. 

It is specifically designed for busy parents who work outside of the household for paid employment, have a baby and a toddler or have a limited time to get their child toilet trained.

You don't have to leave home and attend parenting workshops after a full on day working and wrangling your child. You can access the info online, anytime.

+ videos that you can watch at a time that suits your schedule

+ kids game to help make toilet training more fun and engaging for your little person

Whether this is your first-time toilet training...

or you have tried before but it was a disaster, you are going to find this programme so useful.

Here's our FAQ's as answered by our parenting coach: 

How do I know this programme is right for our fam?

Take the handy quiz:

+ My child is 2 - 4 years old

+ I think they are ready to abandon daytime nappies

What does the programme cover?

+ What is the best way to toilet train without the battles, nagging or constant reminders?

+ How to motivate your child to get out of nappies and use the loo. How to get them to sit on it long enough to do something on it.

+ How to catch a poo on the loo.

+ What to do when your child sits on the potty or toilet and does nothing on it.

+ Whether to use disposable training pants when you go out if you are worried they may have wee puddles.

+ Potty vs toilet - which is best to start with?

+ How to set them up so they have success when they return to daycare or kindy

Register now to receive your welcome gift:

Reward Chart - A free downloadable for you to print to help motivate your child to use the loo instead of a nappy

Potty Talk ebook - An online book which you are welcome to have a read of to help you in the journey.