Toilet Training Live Workshop 25 June Cambridge

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"Is toilet training on the horizon but you are wondering where on earth to start?

Are you wondering how you are going to encourage your child to use the loo without the tantrums and drama?

I want to personally invite you to come and join me as I share practical ideas for making toilet training easier."

Hosted by Cambridge Parents Centre

When: 25 June 8-9:15pm

Where: Cambridge Health and Community Centre, 

22a Taylor Street, Cambridge 3434  

We will cover:

+ When is the right time to start the toilet learning journey for your child

+ What is the best way to toilet train without the battles, nagging or constant reminders?

+ How to motivate your child to get out of nappies and use the loo. How to get them to sit on it long enough to do something on it.

+ How to catch a poo on the loo.

+ What to do when your child sits on the potty or toilet and does nothing on it. What to do if they have heaps of accidents.

+ Potty vs toilet - which is best to start with?

+ How to set them up so they have success when they return to daycare or kindy

Your coach:

Laura Morley is a toilet training coach, teacher, author or Potty Talk and workshop presenter. She has been presenting workshops for 11 years and every year helps hundreds of parents to day and night time toilet train their kids without the stress.