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Straight Up 12kg+ Toddler Sassy Pants: Surfs Up

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Let's go surfing now, everybody's surfing now!!! This is kiwi summer at its best - nikau, flax, cabbage trees, surfboards, shells. This is our way of doing Kiwiana in a creative way, celebrating the things we love about NZ.  It's designed by kiwi Mum Kate Hindson. 

Also available as a wet bag

Straight-ups are nappies to pull up and push down to make nappy changes so much easier. These sit lower than a Sassy Pants nappy and have an adjustable waist band. They are designed for busy toddlers, for nappy changes on the go. They include 2 natural fibre booster pads.

Nappy Details:

+ One size fits most 12kg+. 

+ A row of rising snaps up the front to adjust the leg holes to get the perfect fit.

+ This pocket pull up includes a breathable shell and athletic wicking jersey inner that quickly draws moisture away. You can slide the absorbent booster pad(s) into the pocket or lie them on the shell and secure with the hidden snaps. 

+ Waterproof tummy and back panel to stop wees wetting clothing

+ New Zealand designed nappies by kiwi artists

+ Front and back opening to stuff the pull up nappy.

+ Bamboo cotton booster pads are custom designed and shorter than Sassy Pants nappy pads. Each absorbent pad includes 4 layers of thirsty 420gsm natural fibre bamboo and cotton. 420gsm is thicker than most bamboo cotton booster pads on the market. 

+ Hemp cotton booster pads are 4 layers and oh so thirsty.

+ New to cloth Here's 5 things you need to know to help you get started

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When you purchase a Sassy Pants nappy you are supporting NZ women with big dreams.

Meet the artist

"After 27 years in Australia, I moved with my partner and two young kids back to New Zealand to enjoy a slightly different lifestyle closer to my family.  Here, my studio looks out over the beautiful Wellington harbour, whilst gathering inspiration from the incredible wildlife New Zealand has to offer.

I now spend my days drawing, illustrating and navigating parenthood with two amazing kids, who inspire me and motivate me to keep going." Mel Armstrong

Every time you choose to use this cloth nappy you are making a big difference. These Sassy Pants Nappies not only save you money but save the environment.

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