Sassy Pants Nappy with Velcro: Kawakawa

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We are so excited to bring you our material design competition winner. Natalie White won our competition during the first lockdown in New Zealand producing this stunning pattern. Kawakawa is well known for it's healing properties in the NZ bush and this relaxing genderneutral design is sure to be a fav. 

Each nappy includes the waterproof-breathable outer shell with stay dry suede material inner and double gusset to contain poo. 

Choose the best booster combo for your baby:

If you are just starting out we recommend:

A quick-drying microfibre & bamboo booster pad made of 6 layers including:

1 suede + 1 bamboo cotton + 3 x microfibre + 1 microfleece layers.

1 bamboo cotton booster pad: 36cmx12cm. 3 x 420gsm bamboo.  

If you have a heavy wetter we recommend:

2x bamboo cotton booster pads: 36cmx12cm. 6x 420gsm bamboo. 420gsm is thicker than most bamboo cotton booster pads on the market. These boosters are thirsty and lock moisture away in the natural fibres.

Grab the matching a 2 pocket wet bag here

 Nappy Details:

+ Fit 3.5-17kg

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We love supporting kiwi artists to do what they love. This nappy print is created by kiwi Mum, Natalie White from Magic Fingers Graphics.

Natalie White nappy print artist

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