Sassy Pants Nappy: Autumn Blush

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Autumn afternoon strolls through the park with colourful leaves falling...that's autumn blush. These bold, stylish cloth nappies with fabric designs by kiwi artist Bron Alexander are made for kids to look adorable while saving their parents money on costly disposables.

+ Fit  4-15kgs

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+ Microfibre booster 

1 microfibre booster pad: 36cmx12cm a thick and thirsty pad that includes 1 suede, 1 bamboo cotton, 3 microfibre and 1 microfleece layers. For babies up to 5 months this is normally all you need to stuff in the nappy.

+ Bamboo booster

1 bamboo booster pad: 36cmx12cm bamboo boosters are made of 3 thirsty layers 420gsm bamboo. Our booster pads are very good quality bamboo which means they absorb high amounts of liquid. This pad is normally put under the microfibre layer in the nappy shell.

+ Shell only 

If you already have boosters and just want to have the adorable outer. This shell has the waterproof breathable outer layer with soft stay dry suede cloth inner that pulls the moisture away from your baby's skin. The handy velcro makes them easy to adjust just like a disposable and easy use for even the most reluctant cloth nappy user. 

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When you purchase a Sassy Pants nappy you are supporting NZ women with big dreams.

Bron Alexander

"I love creating, mainly because it quiets my mind! Literally illustrations and design ideas knock around in my head until I put them on paper, and inspiration comes from everywhere, that's why you will see very varied style throughout my work, it's me responding to trends or ideas and putting my own spin on them.

Know that a little piece of my heart is in the artwork I create. I want parents to feel PROUD that they are helping support NZ artists! And that their tots look super awesome." 

Bron Alexander fabric designer

Every time you choose to use this cloth nappy you are making a big difference. These Sassy Pants Nappies not only save you money but save the environment.

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