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Post Partum Perineal Healing Spray Kit

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Post Partum healing starts with this useful kit. Relief for your vagina is just a spray away.

To use:

1. Boil water and cool it. Pour 100ml into the spray bottle.

2. Get the eyedropper and drop 10 drops of the hypercal tincture into the spray bottle.

3. Put the spray top on the bottle and shake. Spray down below directly onto the tender area at least 4 times a day or as needed.

4. Spray a maternity pad with the solution and pop it in the fridge for a cooling compress to help soothe the area.

This bottle should last 7 days. Then make up another batch. Each healing spray kit has enough hypercal tincture for 3 weeks of treatment post birth. 


+ Kit contains 10mls hypercal tincture and a 100ml spray bottle that can be recycled.

+ Made in NZ by Viva la Vulva; with no synthetic fragrances.

Ingredients: hypericum perforatum, water/ethanol base.

+ Hypercal is designed to use on cuts and tears from vaginal delivery