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Peejamas for Bedwetting Kids

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Does your child wake up dry some mornings? Are you ready to save money on buying night time nappies?

Introducing an innovation in sleep wear that helps your child #conquerbedwetting for good.

If they're ready to abandon night nappies but still have wee dribbles some nights then try some Peejamas.

They can provide much needed peace of mind at home, during sleep overs and holidays away.

While your child dreams; the Peejamas help to:

+ give your child the chance to feel the wet close to their skin to help with night time toilet training

+ absorb about a cup of wee

+ if your child wakes at night they'll catch the wee accidents on the way to your child finishing their wees on the toilet

These are not designed for heavy bedwetting children who need to wear disposables to avoid the flood. They are specifically for those who are toilet trained during the day and starting to abandon nappies at night and are light wetters. In case they have multiple wee accidents it is recommended to have a mattress protector.


Washing instructions:

Turn inside out and soak overnight in water, and wash in your machine before use. Line dry inside out. Tumble dry on low.


100% Cotton Peejamas outer.

Liner 80/20 Bamboo, polyester, PUL

Safety Specifications

For your child's safety, the garment should fit snuggly to avoid a fire hazard. This garment has not been dipped in chemicals and is not flame resistant. It has met strict testing to meet US specifications and is being assessed to meet NZ and Australian ones.