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Night Nappy: Blue

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These night nappies are thirsty but very trim and are designed by kiwi Mum of 3, Pippa. She found all the nappies leaked and decided to "nail the night nappy game". Hence Little Butt Kind nappies were born. 

These nappies are designed with layers of absorbency that hold wees all night. They can be mixed and matched with your Sassy Pants booster pads for extra absorbency if needed. 

To use:

1. Lay the pre-fold out. Fold the tri-folds in thirds and lay them in the middle like this. If you want to add a Sassy Pants hemp booster for extra absorbency go for it (this is not included in this night nappy bundle).  

2. Fold the outer layer to cover the inner pads. Lay the white stay dry later on top so it touches bub's skin. Lay the baby on the nappy and put it on their body.

3. Keep the layers together at the front with the snappy.

Snappi on the nappy  Night nappies

4. Cover it with a Sassy Pants waterproof shell and wool cover. Make sure there are no bits of material sticking out or gaping holes between skin and leg elastic. Put your baby to sleep knowing that they are covered. 

Nappy Bundle Details:

1x 3 layered preflat blue made of soft modal spandex  

2x boosters trifolds in the same soft modal fabric

2x bamboo booster pads

1 x stay dry microsuede layer to sit close to bubs skin

1x grey snappi to hold the nappy together at the front