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Looloo - Toilet Training Solutions

Silicone Dummy (3 months+)

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This silicone dummy is made of food-grade nanosilver silicone with a teat shaped like a mother's nipple. The one-piece design to avoid cracks or crevices for bacteria to sit. It can be put in the microwave steriliser. The shape of this pacifier prevents vacuum seal around the mouth ensuring there are no marks left on baby's face. 
+ nanosilver food grade silicone that is non toxic including BPA, PVC, artificial colour and phthalate-free. Nano silver is known for it's antibacterial properties

+ promotes natural breathing through the nose
+ meets US Food and Drug Administration FDA standards
Can be put in the microwave steriliser or in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Then cool before giving it to your baby. Recommended for babies 3 months +
Check the condition before use and ensure that there are no signs of wear or damage. Supervise your child while using this dummy.