Period & LBL Underwear - Midi Brief (Light Bladder Leakage)

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 Enjoy wearing these midi brief, Love Luna undies every day, for light bladder leakage as well as during your period. Your new undies will absorb 8 teaspoons of liquid (40ml).

They have specifically designed antibacterial, anti-odor and leak-proof layers and seams; to allow you to get back to doing the things you love.

These are perfect undies to wear when you are exercising or playing with your kids.

Ready to get started? Here's the next steps...

1. Choose your size and place your order

If you are unsure of the size, buy one to try before you purchase a bunch. For hygiene reasons, we can't refund or exchange these undies.

2. When they arrive at your house

Delicate machine wash with like colours and no fabric softener. 

3. Wear

Enjoy the comfort of wearing your underwear with the peace of mind you can lift, cough or sneeze and you'll be covered.

4. After use: 

Run your undies under the tap and wash in your machine then line dry. No need to soak, bleach, iron, use fabric softener, dry clean or tumble dry. The absorbent pad becomes softer and more comfortable after a few washes. 


how LBL luna undewear works


Outer: Nylon/Elastane
Gusset: Polyester
Padding: Cotton/Polyester with PU Lamination (Exclusive of trims)
Made in Indonesia