Ice Block Moulds

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If your picky eater would rather eat biscuits than broccoli then give them an iceblock. Power packed full of veges and fruit to stop them getting "gummed up" when toilet training. Avoid the sheep pellet or picnic bar poos that can be painful to pass.

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 The ice block moulds come in a set of 4 assorted colours.

THE HEALTHY CHOICE - FDA approved silicone is safe for any kind of food - even microwaveable! No more wasting money on unhealthy store-bought popsicles or popsicle sticks. Use them for smoothies, fresh fruit, yogurt, chocolate, fruit and/or vegetable juice, gelatine, purees, peanut butter, nuts, caramel, whipped cream, sauces, jams, soda, ice cream.  

EASY TO CLEAN - Hand wash, or throw it in the dishwasher for an easy clean.  Takes up little room in the freezer.  Each popsicle mold holds 3.4 fl oz (8 inches long) for a perfect sized treat. 

MULTIPURPOSE – A pack of 4 so you have enough to share. Clever conical shape lets you drink the last drops without a melted mess or drips.  Lie them on their sides or even stand them on their lids with no leaks at all. Be careful not to overfill the molds as the contents will expand whilst freezing.  Use for frozen ice pops, frozen smoothies, yogurt pops, trail mix storage...the possibilities are endless! 

THE BEST QUALITY - Bright and beautiful colors, durable silicone, and tight caps.  Guaranteed to pass the "twist test".  Premium quality, BPA free, silicone popsicle molds.  The ice pop molds are flexible and reusable.

Ice popsicles are not only great for the kids but adults will love them too. They can be an excellent healthy option for people trying to lose weight or use them at your next party to create frozen margaritas or experiment with other alcoholic beverages. Fun and functional with lids that fit snugly for no messy dripping. You can even pop the lid back on and save the rest for later.

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