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Looloo - Toilet Training Solutions

Hemp Booster Pads

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We are restocking our hemp boosters on 10 December so if you preorder these we will sent them out as soon as they arrive at Looloo HQ.

Each nappy comes with booster pads for absorbency. If you have a heavy wetter then hemp boosters are a must.

These thirsty 3 layer hemp boosters have natural fibres that lock moisture away. They are the best fabric on the market for nighttime nappies and heavy wetters. 

Machine wash before use. 

Stretch them out and put them on the line to dry. They can be put in the dryer if damp after line drying. 

Slide into the pocket of the nappy or lay them on top of the shell.

They become more absorbent after about 10 washes.

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