Getting Started with Cloth Nappies Live Workshop 21 January Cambridge

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"Have you been thinking about trying to use a cloth nappy with your baby but you are wondering where on earth to start? Would you love to know how to fit them properly and wash them without the drama?

Come and join me and I'll show you just how easy using a Sassy Pants cloth nappy can be"

When: 21 January 2019 7-7:30pm

Where: Cambridge Health and Community Centre

Who: Babies are welcome to this workshop. Feel free to invite your antenatal or playgroup friends.

Where: 22a Taylor Street, Cambridge 

You will receive a nappy to take home for your baby. Every time you use this nappy you are saving a disposable going to the landfill, meaning your family is helping to reduce the 1 million nappies that go to the landfills in New Zealand each day. This nappy will also save you having to buy 365 nappies per year. 

We will cover:

+ How to choose the right level of absorbency so your nappy doesn't leak

+ How to fit the nappy around the waist and legs

+ The simple no soaking nappy wash routine

What to do the nappy if your child does a poo in it

Join the revolution

Sassy Pants are nappies for the brave, carefree adventurers who live life to the full. They are inspired by the thumb suckers, the daisy pickers, the mischief-makers; who brighten a room with their smile.

We stand with parents who are the game changers, the ones who boldly dare to defy the norm of our throwaway culture. Those who want more money in their pocket and less impact on the environment. Sassy Pants are cloth nappies your way.  Use them once a day or all the time. It’s up to you. No guilt, no regrets, no rules. Join the Sassy Pants group