Toilet Learning Daycare Treasure Box: Car Theme
Toilet Learning Daycare Treasure Box: Car Theme
Toilet Learning Daycare Treasure Box: Car Theme
Toilet Learning Daycare Treasure Box: Car Theme
Toilet Learning Daycare Treasure Box: Car Theme

Toilet Learning Daycare Treasure Box: Car Theme

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So your mini doesn't want to stop playing to use the loo at daycare.

Each time you pick your kid up from daycare or kindy you are greeted with a bag of clothing marinating in wee.

Behold… the magic of Looloo treasure, worth kicking the nappy habit for. 

The Looloo Treasure Box captures imagination, and helps kids who would rather play use the loo. To encourage consistency it can be used at home and at daycare so your child makes progress faster.

This box contains

+ Game Board 

The winning formula is fun. Play a game that they can win and celebrate their progress.

+ Weepals Toilet  Aiming Sticker

Watch the wonder as your child does a wee in the potty and a character appears.

+ Weepants Underwear

This underwear gives you piece of mind to so if our kid has an accident it contains it. Your child will still feel wet but not have the embarrassment of wee all over their clothing. Trust me early childhood teachers LOVE them. Let us know which pattern of underwear you would like to receive.

Size 2 Weepants

Size 3 Weepants 

+ Sophia and Mason Learn to Use the Loo 

Never fear Sophia and Mason are here.

Save the "lecture" on how to use the toilet and simply read the book to your child. Sophia and Mason introduce the language of toileting and the steps for what to do to use the loo. 

So no matter which gender of child you have there is a demo of each.  

+ Potty Talk: Toilet Training How to Guide 

This book gets all of the big people in your child's life on the 'same page'. Once parents and early childhood educators have read it make a plan together. With all the specific action steps to get your child owning the throne and confidently doing wees and poos without the mess and stress.

If you don't have time to read books never fear, this one is not a novel or thesis. It's easy to digest and is bursting with actionable steps without the clutter, including answers to the 20 most commonly asked questions that I get asked during live workshops.

Potty Talk is bursting full of tips and ideas to help toilet train faster and empowering you to become a toilet training pro including how to:

  • motivate kids who are reluctant
  • find the best time to start
  • avoid toilet tantrums
  • catch a poo in the loo
  • toilet train without nagging or bribery
  • get kids to go to the toilet when they would rather play

+ A Cardboard Box and Stickers to Create a Treasure Box

Get some creative flair flowing as your mini helps you transform a cardboard box into their very own treasure box. 

+ Make it their Own

What kid doesn't love receiving a personally addressed package delivered to the door? Simply record your child's name in the shopping cart notes and we'll make sure they get the special treatment.

Best suited for kids 2 1/2 years or older. 

Are you a daycare provider and would like to order multiple packs and save? Get in contact here for a special discount for your centre contact

What other parents are saying:

"Just wanted to say thank you for your tips and wonderful ideas around approaching toilet training. My 2 year old son is pretty much toilet trained day and night after 1 week.
Knowing what signs of readiness to look for was fantastic, and he was showing all of those so I knew it was time to go"

Tracey 2017