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Boob & Bum Natural Balm

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Hello new friend.


Nothing can prepare your nipples for being chewed by a newborn for hours. So grab a pot of the boob balm made of all-natural ingredients to soothe cracked and sore nipples.

The best thing is it is safe to use on your baby's bum as well to soothe and protect. So no need for extra creams.

Viva La Vulva hand-blended B( . )( . )B Balm is made from all-natural ingredients in New Zealand.

How to use:

After breastfeeding wash your hands. Then pop a small amount onto each nipple. Cover with a breast pad. Reapply after each feed. 


+ 60g pot of goodness

+ Ingredients: organic beeswax, extra virgin coconut oil, shea butter, calendula oil, vitamin E.

Always consult your LMC, doctor or midwife if you have any concerns about your health and wellbeing.