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Biodegradable Water Play Beads

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Watch your child's wonder and amazement as these No Nasties water beads grow to 150x their size. They provide a wonderful sensory play experience. When you have finished with them dig a small hole in the garden and pour in the beads and cover with soil. They will break down. Don't pour into drains or waterways.


+ non-toxic but not made to eat. Always supervise your child playing with these beads to avoid any choking hazard. Keep away from animals. Not recommended for children under 3 years old.

+ 150 beads per pack

+ made of acrylic polymers 95% & water 5%. Hide under soil in the garden, do not flush or put down the drain.

Instructions for Use

Store the beads away from children. Wash your hands before and after you handle the beads.

 Pour water beads

Pop warm water in a bowl and stir in the water beads. Watch them expand over 5 hours. Drain and dispose of the excess water (do not drink the water). To use over several days rinse them with water mixed with hand sanitiser.

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