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Looloo - Toilet Training Solutions

Bamboo Biodegradable Disposable Liners

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Let's be honest - no one likes scrubbing poo out of nappies.

Behold.....the bamboo liner that allows liquids through but catches the "solids".

Fold the bamboo liner in half and place in the inside of your child's nappy.

If they have a poo simply flush the poo down the loo.

Made of 100% bamboo rayon which is biodegradable. To take care of our environment, we recommend that you fold or roll up the bamboo liner and dispose of in the rubbish bin rather than flushing down the toilet.

Comes in a handy roll of 100 sheets. With each sheet 18 x 28cm

Here's a handy guide for how to use the disposable liners.


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