Toilet Training Quiz

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You know that your kid can't live in nappies forever right?

But there is a burning question you need to know...

What is the right time to start toilet training?

Followed by a few more questions...

Is it better to wait for warmer weather, or should I wait until they start telling me they have done wees or is the fact that they are refusing to have a nappy change - a sign that maybe just maybe my child is ready to kick the nappy habit?

How do I know?

Toilet training is waaaay easier when you start at a time when your child is ready.

They may be showing you signs that you are not even aware of, that they are ready to start using the loo. 

The steps I recommend are:

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Is my child ready to start potty training?

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All the best with toilet training,

Laura Morley Parenting Coach