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I want you to know that you're not alone. There are very few parents who are excited about the prospect of toilet training their kids.

But I for one want to reassure you that toilet training does not have to be as awful as everyone talks about.

Maybe you are looking forward to having your child kick the nappy habit. That sound of hearing the toilet flush - knowing that your child has left the play area, wandered down the hallway, done their poo in the toilet.

That reassurance that you are not going to have to get your child to lie down and change their daytime nappy anymore. 

Instead of spending money on nappies, you can spend it on getting yourself a new haircut, a family holiday, in fact, anything you choose. That's what kicking the nappy habit means. It's freedom!

On Wednesday night, I want to give you my key step-by-step guide to get you started with preparing your child to abandon nappies in January or February. It's not about waking up on 2 January and saying "Let's get rid of nappies". It's about the things that you do and say today that can set them up to succeed with toilet training. So when they finally abandon daytime nappies they are ready.

Live workshop for toilet training

I'm going live for a one of workshop online, yes that means you don't even have to leave home. This workshop is invitation only so you will need to register below and I'll send you the unique code.

This workshop will not be recorded due to the sensitive nature of the topic and the fact I want you to feel relaxed about asking questions without people watching on the replay. 

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Wednesday 7 November


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If you are thinking about toilet training your child this summer then this online live workshop is going to be so useful.
Join parenting coach, Laura Morley as she shares tips and strategies to help prepare kids to start toilet training.
+ How do I know my child is ready?
+ Should I use a potty or toilet train straight to the toilet?
+ What happens if we are expecting a new baby? Should I start now or wait to initiate toilet training?
+ What happens if we are away on holiday over January?
+ How do a start toilet training when my child is at daycare?

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