Our Team

 Lauren Johnston 

Tauranga Sassy Pants Nappy Ninja


"I’m Lauren, I’m a Physio living in Tauranga with my little family - my husband Caleb is a counsellor, and we have a wonderful girl named Freya.
Honestly I never really thought about not using cloth nappies, and was surprised when I learned how many people use mostly disposables. I was lucky to be given a bunch of second hand nappies to get me started, and I just kept researching and learning. I quickly became passionate about using cloth and teaching others about it!
I love knowing I’m making a better environmental choice, I love the look of cloth nappies, I love that they are good for my baby’s skin and health, and quite honestly I love the satisfaction of getting them clean!
Start simple and try not to get overwhelmed by all the information out there! While it can be very helpful, it can also feel very daunting to begin with. Just get started and I assure you, you will figure out what works best for you- you can learn as you go! (The first time I put a cloth nappy on, it was a fitted nappy that was meant to have a cover- I didn’t realise that, and left the cover off- I had a very wet baby an hour later!)"
Get the perfect fit of nappy and find out how to get the most out of cloth nappies by booking a Sassy Pants Nappy party for you and your coffee group in Tauranga contact Lauren hello@sassypantsnappies.co.nz

Becky Coup

Online Sassy Pants Ninja and Community Manager

"Our family is part Kiwi/part English - I'm the English one!  Mike and I have been together for a while, married for 5 years and we have two boys, Mostyn is 3.5 and Harry is 1.5.  I'm a stay-at-home-parent and Mike works full time.  We've lived in Auckland for about 12 years.  Both boys started cloth around the 4 month mark, always in the day and often at night too but only once we'd stopped doing night changes!
We starting using cloth nappies because were motivated by the environmental impact, the wastage from the disposable nappies we used when our first son was newborn was a bit of a shock and it filled our bin, so we decided we ought to have a crack at cloth.  Also, because we had dropped to one income, the opportunity to save some money was important - and we absolutely have 
I love how easy it has become, it's really just part of our routine now.  We also found that we had way less explosions and leakage with cloth because the elastics, especially at the back, hold everything in better!  I'd be lying if I didn't admit to loving all the different prints too, cloth bums look super cute.
My best piece of advice is...start small and go from there! Buy 2-3 nappies and try them out, make sure you like them (and they fit your baby well) and then build up your stash.  It doesn't need to be a massive outlay all at once and it needs to work for you - full-time/part-time/just when you feel like it."


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Ali Ashman

Auckland Sassy Pants Ninja

I’m from the UK, but have been living in New Zealand for just over 10 years. I am married to Dan, who is a kiwi, we’ve been married 5 years and have 3 children, Charlotte, Joseph and Emily. 
Now I use them full time with Emily, and have used them since she was about 10 weeks old. I love that we are saving money, and helping the environment. And I find they are much better for Emily’s bum than disposables. I love all the different patterns, I think it’s safe to say I’ve probably got a slight addiction haha. 
The thing I love most about cloth nappies is that they are reusable, so we aren’t just throwing them out once they are full. And they are good for Emily’s bottom. I also like that in the warmer weather she can go out with just a T-shirt on and her nappy. And there are so many lovely prints to choose from!
One piece of advice is don't think it has to be all or nothing. You can start with just one nappy per day and work up to full cloth, or mix and match with disposables. And don’t get overwhelmed. To start with it can be quite daunting with a good wash routine, how long to leave a nappy on, how many will I need etc. I think to begin with it’s a bit of trial and error until you figure out what works for you 
Contact Ali at hello@sassypantsnappies.co.nz to book your Sassy Pants party where Ali will help you fit your baby into their very own cloth nappy.

Sassy Nappy Pants Designers

When you buy our products you are supporting other small business' and helping to make a difference to kiwi families.

We are so proud to have these talented people create gorgeous things for your family. 

Rebecca Broughton

Watercolour Artist

"I have always been creative and needed an outlet for it. But it wasn't until recently that watercolor painting came into my life. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my son that I found my love for it wen I painted his alphabet cards for his nursery. So I guess in some ways he has been my inspiration.  I love creating beautiful personalised spaces in my home, and James' nursery was no exception. I love nature and we try and be as environmentally friendly as possible, I love going for walks, having putputi in our whare, photographing nature and just being outside always makes me feel better. So there's an affinity there to paint flowers, trees and animals and something I am so passionate about doing. 

I love the idea that my designs from the environment are going on reusable eco friendly nappies, so I guess my first message would be ka pai for choosing to care for our whenua, our land.

Secondly, I am just a stay at home māmā who loves to paint and the fact that people are wanting to pay me for it humbles me so much so thank you so much for your tautoko, your support. I also want it to recognise how much Mums, but in particular stay at home Mums have to give, have to offer. I see so many Mums, like myself, who have, in the absence of a 9-5 job found their passion or honed their skillset to offer products, art, services or guidance in so many different facets and it's so awesome to see. So my second message is, we are capable of anything. Find your passion and run with it.

I want people to know the amount of aroha that has gone into the design. The amount of thought and how proud and humbled I am to have my design on this nappy. I want other Mums and Dads to know that they aren't just supporting Laura's small business (Looloo) but also other māmās small businesses like my own and how cool that is to support small and local."


Bron Alexander

New Zealand Artist

"I love creating, mainly because it quiets my mind! Literally illustrations and design ideas knock around in my head until I put them on paper, and inspiration comes from everywhere, that's why you will see very varied style throughout my work, it's me responding to trends or ideas and putting my own spin on them.
Know that a little piece of my heart is in the artwork I create. I want parents to feel PROUD that they are helping support NZ artists! And that their tots look super awesome."


Bex Dellar

Graphic Artist and Designer

Bex Dellar Nappy Designer

"The creative process just gets me sooo excited....taking that small spark of an idea & bringing it to life!

I get a lot of my inspiration from nature and the outdoors - but for me, inspiration pops up in my day to day life everywhere! - grocery shopping, going for walks, conversations with others, magazines, art galleries, road trips, the flow of ideas never ends.

To the person who purchased one of the nappies I designed; thank you. I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed creating the art for it.

I wanted to design something that has a timeless design with a minimalist approach, that doesn't clash with your babies outfits but compliments them.

I really appreciate your support. I want you to feel.....

Ahhhhhh - a sigh of relief that they have found a nappy that you can feel proud to put your baby in!"

hellobrand.co.nz   I   https://www.instagram.com/hellobrandcreative/

Kate Hindson
New Zealand Illustrator and Designer

"I’m inspired to create highly visual designs that communicate clearly for my clients. I love listening to what companies want and need and delivering design greater than they imagined. 

Part of what makes my design unique is that I use hand drawn illustration work within my work (where appropriate). 

The message I would like to give the parent who purchased my design is, keep it up, you’re making a small yet significant difference. A lot of my illustration work has been for environmental projects about waste minimisation, composting and ecological restoration, and I love encouraging the idea of reducing waste in our country. Also well done for supporting a New Zealand company."