Motivation - The key to successful toilet training

We are on the countdown to start toilet training. The Go chapter in the Potty Talk ebook is a great read.

Today we are choosing a theme. Toilet training is going to be far more motivating for your child if you have a theme that is engaging and loved. 

Grab a piece of paper or notebook and write down the answers to these questions:

1. What do they love?

Are they butterfly lover, or a car lover, digger lover, Peppa pig or Paw Patrol lover - what is their thing?

2. Write down 5 things that your child thinks are worth changing their behaviour for

+ It can be a voucher that you make for an experience that you can do instantly that your child will love

ie reading stories, screen time (if your child currently has it), a walk to the park, bake a cake together

+ It could be a toy or collection of toys

3. Now create wonderment by creating a treasure box

Go and get the 5 things/make the vouchers, wrap each one individually and put it into a plain box, hide them away until Saturday to go into the box.

Get your child to help decorate this box with stickers, crayons, sparkles, pens. Giving them ownership will make a difference.

4. Here are some tips to help with motivating your child

Remember that our goal on the first 2-3 days of toilet training is going to be 

"Keeping our undies/knickers clean and dry".


Here's your takeaway for today:

If you have a child 2 1/2 years old or over jump in to your inbox to find the email that has the reward chart. Add some stickers or print some pictures to put on the reward chart to make the theme relevant. Laminate it and add an object to move stuck with blue tac

ie matchbox car or a photo of themselves dressed up as a favourite character.

On square 4 put a pomp to be the "warm fuzzy". When they move their character along 4 times they are going to be allowed to open something from the treasure box.

Take a selfie with your chart and post it on the wall of our private FB page.

If you have a child 2 1/2 years old or younger then set up an instant reward system 

ie a clear jar with marbles, a princess crown with 'jewels' to stick on, a playdough world to add in some diggers and/or dinosaurs.

When your child earns 4 objects they will get a reward from the treasure box.