Wee Pants: Absorbent Undies Washing & Sizing Guide

Hi, I'm Laura the designer and creator of Wee Pants: Absorbent Undies. Here's me with the very first sample of Wee Pants back in 2017, now we sell thousands of these to families far and wide.

Nappy pants with Laura

I want your child to love their Wee Pants while giving you the peace of mind that they collect wees on the way to your child finding the toilet. What makes Wee Pants special is the soft, absorbent bamboo layer that is easy to clean. Here are some useful answers to commonly asked questions.

Wee Pants sizing guide

What's the best size for my child?

What size pants does your child currently wear? Wee Pants are done by clothing size rather than your child's weight. Don't worry about the leg length, it's how chubby their upper thigh is that is most important as well as their torso circumference.

We have size 2 and size 3/4 Wee Pants in patterns designed by kiwi Mums. You can find them HERE

Due to them being underwear we are not able to accept returns of our Wee Pants.

We are happy to send out a single pair for your child to try on before you buy a bulk pack. 

Size 2 - Single trial pack HERE

Size 3/4 - Single trial pack HERE 

Measuring instructions

Size 2 Wee Pants Measurements

Torso: 41-50 cm 
Upper leg: 24cm-30cm

Size 3-4 Wee Pants Measurements

Torso: 44-60cm

Upper leg: 26cm-36cm

How do I wash Wee Pants?

To activate the absorbency before your child wears them, soak overnight in cold water. Then wash as per below.

1. Fold inside out and wash the Wee Pants in your washing machine using washing power or liquid that is free from fillers, bleach or fabric softeners. We recommend Rockin Green washing detergent. 

Washing machine instructions for cleaning Wee Pants

If you have a fabric bag then place the undies in there before you put them in the machine.

Washing bag for wee pants 

2. Dry on the washing line pegging the waist band rather than the bamboo hammock. If inside, dry on a drying rack at least 1 metre away from the heater, dehumidifier or heat pump.

If they feel damp then some parents will put the bamboo on the heated towel rail with the printed material kept well away from any heat. 

How to line dry wee pants

If it is wet day, tumble dry below 40 degrees celsius

How do I use them?

Put them on your child. If your child has a wee accident:

A) Take them to finish their wees in the toilet

B) Clean the urine off their skin

C) Get them changed into clean underwear

D) Take home the Wee Pants in the wetbag and follow the steps 1-2 above as soon as possible. It is not ideal to leave Wee Pants marinading in urine for days on end.

Wetbag for Wee Pants

 Can I use them for when my child is sleeping? How do I boost the absorbency? 

Here's how to use the liners and booster for extra absorbency

Why should I use Wee Pants instead of pull ups or normal undies?

Wee Pants are a great peace of mind when you are out and about. They give your child the message that you trust them and they need to consistently use the toilet. But if they have a wee accident they give you or their daycare teacher time to take them to the toilet without the wees running down their legs. 

How many do I need?

Most parents order 3. One for the bag, one on their bottom and one in the wash. If they are having lots of accidents then they will need to have more but 3 is a good starting point.

How can I avoid scrubbing poo out of undies?

Use a disposable bamboo liner. In the video above I show you how to fit it so that it catches the poo solids. 

What happens if they use them like a nappy?

Start using a reward chart which you can find in the Potty Talk book click HERE

I'm worried my child might not like them. What should I do?

Order a single pair to start with and write a note in the comments when you order with your child's name. That way the parcel is personally delivered to the door with their name on it. It is highly motivating!

If you need further information please feel free to contact us HERE