Care Instructions for Dry by Night

Dry by Night conquer bedwetting


Bamboo is a highly absorbent, natural fibre.  Looking after it by following these instructions will help the Dry by Night serve your family for as long as you need it.

We guarantee if looked after correctly and put on the bed in the right position that it will absorb wees for minimum of a year from the purchase date. 

Step 1: Getting Started

Put in a wash bag (such as one you use for delicates) before washing on a regular wash cycle. Or wash separately. Always keep away from abrasive materials such as velco on baby bips.

Where possible wash using 'eco friendly' detergent. We recommend you avoid detergents high in citrus, perfumes or phosphates.

NEVER use bleach, soakers (such as Napisan), soap flakes or fabric softeners; as they will compromise the waterproofing of the fabric.

Dry on the washing line with as much fabric exposed to the air as possible.  UV light will naturally eliminate bacteria and bleach any stains. Try to avoid leaving the Dry by Night in direct sun for long periods as intense heat can affect the material.  Do not peg on the absorbent layer as this can damage the internal waterproof layer.


Dry by Night absorbent bedpad

Step 2: Once Used

If your child wees over night wash your Dry by Night in the morning as this will minimise staining, cut down on smell and stop potential fabric damage from acidic wee.

Leave to dry on a drying rack inside or washing line outside. Then enjoy your day. If a little damp you can place on a cool/warm cycle in the dryer before putting it back on your child's bed.

We recommend having a minimum of two Dry by Night absorbent bedpads. If your child does a wee in their sleep you can easily replace it with another one.

Step 3: Placing it on the bed

For best results place the Dry by Night on top of a fitted sheet with the mattress protector under. Tuck the flaps under the mattress to anchor it to the bed. The outer seams and flaps are not absorbent so tuck in the Dry by Night each morning to ensure it is in the optimal position.

If your child wees towards the head board and pillows then place the Dry by Night higher so the pillows sit on top of the star material. 

Dry by Night conquer bedwetting