Dry by Night: Coaching for Bedwetters

Private coaching programme bedwetting

Great news, you are about to wake up one morning to a child who is standing beside your bed with their pajamas on, totally dry. Suddenly you'll feel the relief and elation well up inside you, as you realise that your child has nailed it. Not just for one or two nights, but they are dry permanently.

No more facing never ending washing piles of sheets, duvets and pajamas that have been marinading in wee....no more buying night nappies from the super market....no more having to remake the bed in the middle of the night...no more upset child to face each morning.

Fact 1: Your son or daughter does not have to wake up every morning with a urine soaked bed.

Fact 2: After 6-10 weeks of working on this highly personalised programme most kids wake up and take themselves to the toilet at night or hold their wees and do it in the morning.

Fact 3: The bed pad and alarm system, coupled with a weekly coaching programme has the highest success rate with over 90% of kids finding freedom from bed wetting.

Fact 4: Kids who sleep deeply can teach their body to wake up and go to the toilet.

This programme is perfect for your family if:

1. You feel like you have tried everything and you want a personalised programme for your child.

You might have already tried dragging your dousy child to the loo at 10pm, reducing water after dinner time, leaving them in nappies and hoping they grow out of it, giving rewards for a dry night, asking your doctor for help. But everything that you have tried has not prevented your child wetting the bed or nappy twice a week or more.

2. Your 7-14 year old is over it, they want to stop bed wetting but don't know what to do next.

3. You want to send your child on camps and sleep overs or go on holiday without feeling worried and anxious that they are going to wet the bed, get embarassed and having to hide their nappies.

4. You have a computer or ipad at home where we can do a weekly after school or work online catch ups to learn and discuss how things are going, no need to visit a hospital or clinic

Laura Morley bedwetting coaching Hi, I'm Laura Morley, want to personally invite you to a coaching programme that is going to empower your child to kick the nappy habit for good. I searched for years for an answer for my child's nightly bedwetting and I want to share with you the blue print that I have used with my child and so many others to get free from night time wetting for good! can't wait to work with you, fill out the contact form and leave your details so I can ring & chat about how we can work together, Laura

Where to from here? 

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