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Suzy Adair Dry by Night designer

There is nothing like the sinking feeling when you awake, bleary eyed only to find a wet, upset child who has once again wet the bed...

The pile of smelly bedding waiting in the laundry...

The frustration of having to put a kid in night nappies who just seems too old.

We get it, we have lived it, that's why we want to help you to do something about it.

Our Story Begins...

It all started with a whole lot of coffee and an 'aha' moment...


Bed wetting dry by night

We met for a coffee in Auckland, New Zealand on a cold winter's morning back in 2016, Suzy was up visiting for the weekend. Our conversation drifted to having a whinge and a moan about our children's bed wetting. Suzy has three kids aged 1, 3 & 6 years and Laura's kids 6, 9 and 11 years.

We compared stories and were shocked to find out how similar they were.

The current bed barriers that we had tried just weren't 'cutting the mustard'. The fabric was uncomfortable, felt very synthetic, the kids kicked the waterproof layer down and inevitably we were ending up with the drama of an entire bed change.

We had an 'aha' moment. Suzy grabbed a napkin and some pens and started drawing our ideas...

The Dry By Night was born. It was at that moment that we knew a partnership to conquer bed wetting had begun!

We started by getting prototypes and testing with our own children. We tested for months different designs, styles, fabrics and found the winning formula.

We know you are going to love the Dry by Night. It's an absorbent pad (made of natural materials) that sits on your child's bed protecting the mattress from getting wet. 

Suzy is a lover of designing kids sleepwear and through Lulu Funk has made buttery soft organic cotton and bamboo underwear that has been a massive success.

Laura has helped hundreds of children and their parents across New Zealand and Australia to toilet train with less mess and stress through Looloo.

We love the Dry by Night because it is a product designed with you and your kids in mind. It helps to make the night time process easier meaning your child is on their way towards a dry nights sleep - and lets be honest, everyone will benefit from this; your child, you and your washing machine!!

Dry by Night conquer bedwetting bamboo natural

What makes this product unique is that is has three tuck in flaps to keep it secure on the bed so it doesn't move around a lot at night. It is absorbent and it uses buttery soft, organic cotton and bamboo fabric. But if your child has a 'wee accident' at night, simply pull it off and put a clean one in it's place. It is child's play to change and easy to wash & dry.

We have been using this product with our own kids and want to share it with your family. We are super excited to be introducing this product in May so watch this space.

We are on a mission to help kids to #conquerbedwetting. 

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