Our Story

Hi I'm Laura, Mum of 3 and a primary school teacher based in Auckland, New Zealand. I started Looloo in 2015 after being a parenting coach for 6 years helping families to toilet train with less mess and stress. I wanted Looloo to be a hub for parents to come and get information and great products for toilet training.

But over the years it's grown to be way bigger than that and my products have grown to include baby items all the way through to bed wetting products for older kids.
Here's a photo of me with our first ever Wee Pants absorbent undies protype which I designed to help with toilet training. Fast forward 4 years, a team of Mums and myself went on to create the cutest cloth nappies which I called Sassy Pants named after my daughter's nickname.
Sassy Pants are nappies for the brave, carefree adventurers who live life to the full. They are inspired by the thumb suckers, the daisy pickers, the mischief-makers; who brighten a room with their smile.

I get that parenting can feel rather overwhelming at times - as we have to constantly make decisions on a daily basis for what is best for our family.
I know that when you go on this site you'll find lots of products that you wonder if they're right for you and your baby. But I want you to know, that I always have you in mind when I choose something to put on this site. I try to choose things that are going to stand the test of time and have even created a lot of these products myself.
I love that through this biz I get to work with Mums to help support their family through designing our Sassy Pants nappy materials or helping to promote them through their community.

If we ever meet offline at a Baby Show or at a parenting workshop, I hope you smile and say that you loved the products you purchased from Looloo, because they make your life easier and give you more time to spend with your child.

- Laura

Questions or feedback?

If you have any questions please leave me a message. I would love the opportunity to help you.