Cloth Nappy Guide

Join the cloth nappy movement

1. We're not just about selling cloth nappies, we are a movement

Welcome to the revolution, where putting your child in cloth nappies at home is the norm. We are about putting more money back into your pocket.

Every little decision we as parents make each day can help reduce the 1 million disposable nappies that are dumped into the NZ land fill EVERY DAY (taking 300-500 years to break down).

We want to challenge our throw away culture and show you that you can truly make a difference. By choosing 1 nappy change to put your baby in a cloth nappy - you are making a difference. When your friends do too and their friends, we start a revolution. Join our group

2. Here's what you need to get started with cloth nappies

Choose either snap or velcro waist Sassy Pants

With Sassy Pants you have the choice of either snap (buttons) waist or velcro waist closing. 

Snaps nappy systemVelcro cloth nappy closing system

Choose absorbent booster pads

Wet bag if you're going out

One pocket for dry nappies. One pocket for wet ones.


Use disposable liners if you are worried about poo getting stuck to the nappy 

3. Get the perfect fit for your baby


Place the absorbent pad into the pocket. Most babies under 5 months only need 1 pad, for babies older than this we recommend 2 pads.

Booster pads

Adjust the snaps and push the spare fabric upwards towards the tummy. Get the right size to make sure there are no leg gaps.

Adjust the snaps

Cloth nappies sit lower than a disposable. Place the back of the nappy just above the butt crack.


Nappy change

You should be able to fit two fingers downwards from the tummy button into the waistband so it's not too tight.

If you are using a velcro nappy make sure that the hook and loop tabs line up so they are sitting in line to ensure no rubbing on legs or tummy.

Make the elastic go in the creases where undies would normally sit. 

Leg bands cloth nappies 

4. Washing them is not as hard as you imagine

1. Tuck and flush - Tuck the velcro tab inside the nappy. Flush the poo down the loo and rinse off the nappy.

2. Basket - Put the pads and nappy into a laundry basket with lots of holes or washing machine with the lid open. No need to soak.

3. Prewash - When you are ready wash at 40 degrees we recommend you use Persil Ultimate liquid. No fabric softener or bleach.

4. Main Wash - Within 2 days, top the machine that has the nappies in the bottom, with other small laundry items and put through a full wash.

5. Line dry - but avoid prolonged sun exposure of the nappy outer shells. Absorbent booster pads can be tumble dried if needed.

6. Stuff - Put the pad(s) into the nappy pocket ahead of time. Avoid scratching the waterproof layer with rings or finger nails.

5. We want you to love Sassy Pants

We take pride in producing products that our customers love. When you purchase a nappy you automatically have a 6 month warranty. If there is a fault with the nappy please contact us as soon as you see it, take a photo and send it to us and we will arrange for a replacement of your products at our discretion.

If you change your mind you are welcome to return your nappy within 60 days of purchase and receive an exchange or Looloo credit as long as they are in original condition including being unwashed or used and have no cigarette or other odour. Please email us before returning any goods and include the printed confirmation email from us before sending them back.

We'll let you know when they arrive. Shipping would not be included so you would need to pay shipping to return your items and your original shipping would not be refunded upon receipt of nappies that are in sale able condition. If they are not in original condition we would return them to you via courier.

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