Bamboo & Organic Cotton Y Front Underwear: Whales

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These undies will have your child excited to give up their padded nappy for good. 


If you want to get your kid out of nappies providing soft, breathable, comfy underwear that can keep up with them while they explore the world is a must!

These undies are bound to entice even the most reluctant child to give up daytime nappies for good.

They will fall in love with the buttery soft organic cotton and bamboo that cushions their tush while locking moisture away. They are breathable and super stretchy for even the most active little person. The natural fibres with no elastic leg and waste band makes it the perfect choice for sensitive skin including eczema.The perfect choice if your child suffers eczema or sensitive skin.

Designed in New Zealand by a kiwi Mum who was sick of her boy suffering from ezcema from cheap and nasty undies.

Composition; Bamboo from viscose/ organic cotton/elastine. Throw them in a normal wash and dry with ease.

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