Toilet Training On the Go Pack

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So you are going out and you don't want your child to have a wee accident and get it through the carseat.

We hear you!

This pack contains:

+ Diono Ultra Dry Car Seat

This waterproof padded seat protector can be machine washed and dried. It includes the strap guard protection to stop wees running down into the car seat. Check your manufacturer's guidelines to ensure this is compatible for your car seat.

+ Wee Pants: Absorbent Undies

They are cotton undies with an absorbent bamboo liner. Let us know which design you would like when you order.

Let us know in the comments when you order which pattern of Wee Pants you would prefer

+ Wet Bag

Made with waterproof material this bag can contain a change of clothes. Place the soiled clothing in the bag to take home. Use the handle to attach to a bag or buggy.

+ Bamboo Liners

This comes in a roll of 100 liners which sit inside Wee Pants to stop the poo solids sticking to the underwear, making clean up easier.


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