Blue nuk potty

Nuk Potty - 3 colours

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Whether at kindy or home, going number two's can be stressful. And your child has more important things to worry about than crappy nappies—like covering the lounge floor with as many toys as possible, working out how to escape their high chair or choosing which flavour combination is best to smear on their new outfit.

Get ready to wave goodbye to soggy nappies and nappy changes that feel more like wrestling matches....

Mum nappy change

and hello to potty time.....

The Nuk potty is a perfect tool to teach them the skills needed for toilet training without even having to leave their play area. Simply put it close to the play area, bath or out on the deck, and sit back to watch 'the magic' happen.

This potty has a stable rim around the base help to reduce the chances of tipping or splashing. The high back and front guard puts your child in the optimal squatting position ready for launch. 

Best paired with a splat mat

We will send this to your door so you can get started. Ready when you are.