Cloth Nappy Sassy Pants with Snaps: Tawaki Penguins

Cloth Nappy Sassy Pants with Snaps: Tawaki Penguins

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This nappy is sure to brighten your day. Tawaki penguins are unique and found in South Westland and Fiordland.

Designed by kiwi Mum Keren who lived in Fiordland and is now based in Nelson with her two kids.

Nappy Details:

+ One size fits most 3.5-18kg. Rows of rising snaps up the front to adjust the leg holes to get the perfect fit.

+ This pocket nappy includes a breathable shell and suede inner that quickly locks moisture away. You can slide the absorbent booster pad(s) into the pocket or lie them on the shell. 

+ Includes an inner gusset to catch the runny poos

+ Waterproof tummy panel to stop wees wetting clothing

+ New Zealand designed nappies by kiwi artists

 + Bamboo cotton booster pads are 36cmx12cm. This includes 6 layers of 420gsm bamboo. 420gsm is thicker than most bamboo cotton booster pads on the market. These boosters are thirsty and lock moisture away in the natural fibres.

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Meet the artist

Keryn NZ artist

Meet Keren is a Mum of two and is based in Nelson. She moved to NZ from Australia in 2010 and also does web design and advertising. She creates amazing posters and material patterns.