Sassy Pants Nappy Shells with Snaps: Watercolour Flowers

Sassy Pants Nappy Shells with Snaps: Watercolour Flowers

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Noticing the little details and the beauty all around is the inspiration for this cloth nappy design by Rebecca Broughton.

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+ Fit  3.5-18kgs

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When you purchase a Sassy Pants nappy you are supporting local Mums with big dreams.

Artist Rebecca Broughton

"I have always been creative and needed an outlet for it. But it wasn't until recently that watercolor painting came into my life. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my son that I found my love for it when I painted his alphabet cards for his nursery. So I guess in some ways he has been my inspiration.  I love creating beautiful personalised spaces in my home, and James' nursery was no exception. I love nature and we try and be as environmentally friendly as possible, I love going for walks, having putputi in our whare, photographing nature, and just being outside always makes me feel better. So there's an affinity there to paint flowers, trees and animals and something I am so passionate about doing. 

I love the idea that my designs from the environment are going on reusable eco-friendly nappies, so I guess my first message would be ka pai for choosing to care for our whenua, our land.

Secondly, I am just a stay at home māmā who loves to paint and the fact that people are wanting to pay me for it humbles me so much so thank you so much for your tautoko, your support. I also want it to recognise how much Mums, but in particular stay at home Mums have to give, have to offer. I see so many Mums, like myself, who have, in the absence of a 9-5 job found their passion or honed their skill set to offer products, art, services or guidance in so many different facets and it's so awesome to see. So my second message is, we are capable of anything. Find your passion and run with it.

I want people to know the amount of aroha that has gone into the design. The amount of thought and how proud and humbled I am to have my design on this nappy. I want other Mums and Dads to know that they aren't just supporting Laura's small business (Looloo) but also other māmās small businesses like my own and how cool that is to support small and local." Rebecca Broughton

Every time you choose to use this cloth nappy you are making a big difference. These Sassy Pants Nappies not only save you money but save the environment.

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