Potty Talk Toilet Training How to Guide

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Toilet training help is on the way. Do you want the blueprint of the exact strategies that I have developed over the past 9 years of working with my own children and hundreds of families? 

Potty Talk is the game plan to change the way you toilet train for good. With all the specific action steps to get your child owning the throne and confidently doing wees and poos without the mess and stress.

It contains all the secrets that I only share with my VIP clients. If you don't have time to read books never fear, this one is not a novel or thesis. It's easy to digest and is bursting with actionable steps without the clutter, including answers to the 20 most commonly asked questions that I get asked during live workshops.

Potty Talk is bursting full of tips and ideas to help toilet train faster and empowering you to become a toilet training pro including how to:

  • motivate kids who are reluctant
  • find the best time to start
  • avoid toilet tantrums
  • catch a poo in the loo
  • toilet train without nagging or bribery
  • get kids to go to the toilet when they would rather play

You're the expert in your child, and this book will show you how to put together an individual plan specifically for them that will actually work. Get it as a hard copy or ebook.

Laura Morley parenting coach

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