Postpartum Peri Wash Bottle

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Post Partum healing starts with this genius invention. If wiping with toilet paper feels more like sandpaper and it stings to pee - just grab your peri wash bottle. 

Pop some water in the bottle. When you are ready to pee, squirt and it will help to dilute the urine to prevent stinging.  

If you have any stitches or tears down below use this peri wash to help repair. Add a  5-10 drops of Viva La Vulva Hypercal Tincture or The Good Witch Hazel. Add cold water to cool the burning sensation. Position the nozzle close to the tender area and press the bottle to stray in the affected areas.

No need to sterilize, just wash this bottle and nozzle with hot soapy water and rinse before and after use. 


+ 300ml bottle that is BPA plastic-free and recyclable

+ nozzle that is an angled L shape to help get the perfect position

+ the bottle can still work when tipped upside down