Colostrum Collector Set

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Collect the liquid gold colostrum that your body produces from 37 weeks pregnant to feed to your baby after birth. This nutrient-packed milk contains high levels of antibodies essential for healthy growth and development.  

The silicone collector set comes in a pack of 6 and are designed in New Zealand.

To use:

1. After a shower to warm your breasts, massage and squeeze each breast. Create a C shape with your middle finger and thumb and squeeze inwards. Suction the colostrum droplets into the collector or open the bottle to express directly into. 

2. Pop the lid on and store it in the freezer or fridge (discuss this with your midwife or LMC). When ready to transport to the hospital or birthing unit you could store in a mini wet bag

3. Ask your midwife to demonstrate how to feed your baby the colostrum. No need to transfer to a separate bottle. You can express the colostrum, store and feed your baby using the same collector.


+ Non-toxic and safe for newborns. BPA, PVC and phthalate-free

+ Medical grade silicone that has a vacuum effect to collect the droplets

+ Measurements up the side to 4ml

+ Leak-proof lid