Toilet Training Starter Pack

Toilet Training Starter Pack

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 Get your child owning the throne and nailing toilet training pronto with this collection of must-haves sent straight to your doorstep, ready and waiting for "D day" (or should we say pee day).

We have handpicked the most useful products for your child to help set them up for success: 

1.  2 up step stool 

The stool to help your kid release their stools. This stool works it's magic by making it possible for your little person to squat with knees above their pelvis. This automatically releases the kink in their colon which means they can poo with ease.

There'll be no more slipping off cheap plastic one-step stools, the rubber foot tread will keep your little adventurer safe. With a sturdy, lightweight design and handles to so they can carry the stool to wash their hands afterward. Always fully supervise your child when using this stool.

Height: 250mm, Holds 80kg

2. Toilet insert 

This grippy seat lies on top of your current toilet seat to help make using the loo child's play. The high back rest gives your child the support while in the squatting position. While the leak guard protects against wee showers in the wrong direction.
Let us know if you prefer a different colour including grey, pink or blue.

3. Two Pairs Weepants  

Click here to choose the Wee Pants patterns. Please add a note to your order the size and patterns that you love. 

4. Potty Talk book - a toilet training how to guide

Potty Talk is the game plan with all the specific action steps to get your child owning the throne and confidently doing wees and poos without the mess and stress. You're the expert in your child, and this book will show you how to put together an individual plan specifically for them that will actually work.

If you don't have time to read books never fear, this one is not a novel or thesis. It's easy to digest and is bursting with actionable steps without the clutter, including answers to the 20 most commonly asked questions.

Potty Talk is bursting full of tips and ideas to help toilet train faster and empowering you to become a toilet training pro including how to:

  • motivate kids who are reluctant
  • find the best time to start
  • avoid toilet tantrums
  • catch a poo in the loo
  • toilet train without nagging or bribery
  • get kids to go to the toilet when they would rather play

This whole pack is sent to your door step so it is ready and waiting for when your child starts toilet training.