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Kids Toilet Seat Nuk

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 So you have a free spirited prince or princess who is about to abandon daytime nappies and send off their poo into the loo...

...except for a wee problem, his/her bottom is too small for the loo seat.
Don't worry they'll be owning "the throne" before you know it with this seat by their (back)side.
The Nuk seat is a life saver, it lies on top of your current toilet seat to keep your child's rear safe from making a splash in the toilet water. While the 3 plastic tabs on the back with the coloured rubber rim helping it to grip to the top to  help stop it swishing around on top of the toilet seat.
The high back rest supports your little person to sit in the squatting position. While the leak guard protects against wee showers in the wrong direction.
For best result pair with the 2 up step stool. Only available in New Zealand
Top to bottom: 38cm
Across: 30cm