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You are chatting to a friend at the park while your kids burn off some steam.  

Then you glance over to see your child giving you "the look".
That sinking feeling of horror hits you as you realise that there is no way you can get them to the public toilet across the park, fast enough! Despite "the lecture" and the loo stop before leaving home....
your kid has pooed their pants again!

You realise that your catch up time has come to an end as you carry your smelly bottomed kid to the car as you contemplate the best way to clean up yet another poo pants mess.

You find yourself frustrated and guilty, second-guessing your decision to abandon nappies. Those same old questions start running through your head...

toilet training questions
There is another way...I want to show you some practical strategies to make toilet training less messy and stressful.

Laura Morley toilet training parenting coach

I'm Laura, a teacher, author of Potty Talk and a Mum of three kids.

I dreaded toilet training my first child. I read the books, googled stuff and went to a workshop but it still felt soooo difficult. The struggle of juggling a toddler who would sometimes agree to sit on the toilet, (but mostly flat out refuse) with a baby was really stressful. It wasn't until I worked out the strategies to motivate my child and started helping other people, that I realised that most of toilet training was not about the mechanics of weeing or pooing on the toilet but actually how to get them to sit their and do it!!!

I started helping others and that's where Looloo began.

For the past 11 years, I have worked as a parenting coach, helping families to demystify toilet training. ​Through workshops and private coaching sessions, I help parents just like you to feel empowered with practical action steps to support your child to #conquerbedwetting and toilet train with #lessmessandstress.

I have searched the globe and even designed specific products to give you the tools and strategies you need to navigate the toilet learning journey with ease.

There is one key determining factor to decide if you will have toilet training success  - one simple word that is the difference between success and failure....


if your child wants to use the loo and leaves their play area (or wakes in the middle of the night) to use it, you have won! There is no sweeter sound than hearing the flush of a toilet from a child who has finally nailed toilet training. 

I want to help you get there one step at a time. When we work together we will:

+ Look at what you have tried so far to encourage your kid to use the loo                                                                                                       
+ Learn how to motivate your child and set them up for success. Through practical action steps which you can start straight away that will help your child feel successful and actually WANT to use the loo.                                         

+ Identify what is holding your child back identify specific strategies that will meet your child's individual needs and empower your child to use them.

I get my biggest buzz when I see my clients get a breakthrough - a child who has been refusing to loo every day suddenly gets it. Stories like this..when they have been trying to get their kids to use the loo for ages and it suddenly clicks. The best part is opening my emails each morning and reading the stories of hope that families experience as things start to improve until finally they nail it.

Toilet training parent feedback

I can't wait to get your excited email after we have worked together sharing your child's success.

If you are overwhelmed and tired of the wet beds or messy pants, then take the first step to get your child toilet trained with less mess and stress.

This VIP experience includes:

+ 1x 45-minute online coaching session via a private meeting room

+ an assessment of your child's needs and history 

+ 4 weeks of support via email after the coaching session

We'll cover the things you need help with at the stage that your child is at, which could include how to encourage them to:

1. Kick the nappy habit and motivate them to use loo

2. Catch poos on the loo 

3. Reduce and eliminate accidents

4. Overcome toilet terror or stubbornness

5. Be accident-free at kindy, daycare or school

6. Reduce and eliminate bedwetting

The advice in this behavioural programme is designed to complement the medical advice you are receiving from your medical professional. If you are concerned about medical issues then seek medical advice. 

Here's what other parents are saying...

 Toilet training consultant

"Just wanted to say thank you for your tips and wonderful ideas around approaching toilet training. My 2 year old son is pretty much toilet trained day and night after 1 week.
Knowing what signs of readiness to look for was fantastic, and he was showing all of those so I knew it was time to go"

"Toilet training my 2 year old for wees was a breeze, however number 2's was much more of an issue. I contacted Laura for a coaching session after we found my daughter was fearful and anxious about going number 2's on the potty or toilet. It was really useful having some strategies and ideas to help. Often as a Mum, you can over-analyse and let your emotions take over. Plus, not to mention all the conflicting advice you get given!! So, having the ideas and a plan, and also the reassurance from the session was most helpful." Emma, Hamilton NZ

"Laura's approach was different to the standard "make a big fuss and reward action on the potty technique which had already failed to sufficiently motivate Hattie and Joe. Instead, she recommended switching focus. I think Laura's approach worked really well both for us because it successful gave both children exactly what they needed...I can't tell you how delighted we are - and they are so proud of themselves!" Jacquelyn, mother of 3 year old twins 

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