Private Coaching Session

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So toilet training is not going the way you had planned. In fact it is downright messy and stressful. Let's work together to find a way forward to overcome the issues that you are facing. With actionable steps that you can start to apply straight away.

I specialise in helping kids to:

1. Kick the nappy habit and motivate them to use loo

2. Catch poos on the loo (not in pants, pull ups, nappy pants or nappies)

3. Reduce and eliminate accidents

4. Overcome toilet terror or stubbornness

5. Be accident free at kindy or daycare

6. Reduce and eliminate bedwetting

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Here's what other parents are saying...

 Toilet training consultant

"Just wanted to say thank you for your tips and wonderful ideas around approaching toilet training. My 2 year old son is pretty much toilet trained day and night after 1 week.
Knowing what signs of readiness to look for was fantastic, and he was showing all of those so I knew it was time to go"
Tracey 2017

"Toilet training my 2 year old for wees was a breeze, however number 2's was much more of an issue. I contacted Laura for a coaching session after we found my daughter was fearful and anxious about going number 2's on the potty or toilet. It was really useful having some strategies and ideas to help. Often as a Mum, you can over-analyse and let your emotions take over. Plus, not to mention all the conflicting advice you get given!! So, having the ideas and a plan, and also the reassurance from the session was most helpful." Emma, Hamilton 2017

"Laura's approach was different to the standard "make a big fuss and reward action on the potty technique which had already failed to sufficiently motivate Hattie and Joe. Instead, she recommended switching focus. I think Laura's approach worked really well both for us because it successful gave both children exactly what they needed...I can't tell you how delighted we are - and they are so proud of themselves!" Jacquelyn, mother of 3 year old twins 2016