Weepals Multipack- Toilet Aiming Stickers

Weepals Multipack- Toilet Aiming Stickers

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Your friend has come over for a coffee or wine and pops down the hall way to nip to the loo. You gulp and apologise as you realise that your son has left the toilet room looking like a smelly, yellow sprinkler has gone off. 

The days of having to tip toe through the yellow drips on the floor to sit on your own toilet, are over.

Finally, you can get your little boy aiming his "fire hose" and getting his wees into the TOILET not shower the seat, floors and walls.

Weepals put the fun back into toilet training by giving him a target to aim at. Pop a Weepals sticker at the back of the toilet and watch the magic happen. Even the most reluctant toilet visitor will be transfixed. 

As a stream of wee hits the sticker a character appears. Each sticker is a nonpermanent, vinyl that lasts for a minimum of 1 month, 2cm above the water line in your toilet. Just flush and wash the loo as normal. Simply peel off the sticker when you are ready.

They can be stuck on the bottom of the potty for your little girl or boy to encourage some wee action.

Great news the more you buy the more you save

2 pack (let us know which stickers you would like) $10

3 pack (let us know which stickers you would like) $15

4 pack (target, motorbike, digger, boat)

6 pack (car, digger, boat, motorbike, fire truck, target)

12 pack (2x great shot, 2x digger, 2x boat, 2x motorbike, 2x target, 2x firetruck) 

 Your loo is about to get a whole lot more exciting...not to mention cleaner.