Swimming Nappies Size 1-2 - 4 colours

Swimming Nappies Size 1-2 - 4 colours

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How adorable is your baby or toddler going to look in one of these swimming nappies?

They're an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable swimming nappies. Use them as togs or as nappy under their swimsuit. After getting changed pop your swim nappy in the mini wet bag and take home to wash.

These Sassy Swimmers are designed to contain the poo solids but do not have an absorbent core to catch wees. This ensures that your baby is comfortable and not weighed down in the water.

They are based on clothing sizes so if your child currently wears size 1-2 pants these should be a winner. 



+ Quick-drying mesh inner material

+ Outer breathable material

+ Adjustable - 3 snaps and 3 rows of settings to get the right fit for your baby.  To tighten the legs and loosen the waist attach the snaps in a vertical pattern. 

+ Double gusset inner to give extra protection just in case

Mini Wet Bag

+ Waterproof breathable material

+ 20x18cm


What happens if my child has larger thighs and smaller waist?

The domes can be snapped diagonally so you can have a smaller waist size and larger leg size. There are 3 domes on each side, so if you want to connect 2 snaps and leave the others undone you could do this.

How do I wash them?

Wash them the same as togs, rinse in fresh water to remove sand or chlorine. Wash in your machine. When drying them don't leave in direct sunlight for too long to avoid sun damage.

Do I have to unsnap each time I take them off?

No, if you want to do them up at the waist you could just pull them down or up each time. The snaps are there for changing the size and for easy access in case of a poo accident.

Do they fit booster pads?

No as with all swimming nappies they hold the poo but not the wee. That's because all swimming nappies don't have absorbency in them to avoid them weighing down a child in the water.