Should my Child Wear No Undies When Starting Toilet Training?

Toilet training with no undies on full time

I have the privilege of talking with lots of parents in a week, in our private Facebook  group find us here, at parenting  workshops and through private coaching  sessions

 Lately, I have had discussions with a  significant number of parents that have a   similar story. Their kids are successful   when it comes to doing a wee or poo on   the potty or toilet when they have have   been in no underwear or nappy all day.

However, when they put them in underwear the child has heaps of accidents and stops using the potty/toilet. Or they can be really "hit and miss" where some times they will use the toilet but most of the time they will only go if their parent reminds them.

The big question is why? 

Why is this child who is has shown that they are perfectly able to read their body signals and go to the loo when naked, uses their undies like a nappy?

Now, I don't want to make sweeping generalisations and say this happens for every child. But a significant number of parents who book a private consultation report that after starting the 'naked bum' all day toilet training method, their child has become very confused when clothes go on.

I can see exactly why people try this method, firstly if you google toilet training lots of websites recommend putting your child in a long t-shirt and letting them run around for a week with no pants on.

It means that when the child has an accident they can feel and see the 'full effects'. Kids learn faster through natural consequences so if they have multiple wees running down their legs it is hoped that this would be the motivator they need to do something differently and start using the toilet.

I know plenty of parents whose children have used the "naked bottom" for days method and got all excited because their kids have started using the potty regularly and even initiated it themselves.

With toilet training like any new stage, gentle consistency usually wins the day.

Toilet Training is about little steps in the right direction

So I would advocate that kids learn to use the toilet or potty with as fewer hurdles to overcome as possible. If this means starting them from day one in absorbent underwear and getting them used to the cause and effect of "If I wee in my pants, I can feel the wet close to my skin, next time I need to use the potty/toilet". Then that can only be a good thing.

I appreciate that no parent wants their child to wee everywhere but the learning process is going to become of trial and error. They need to learn how to pull up and push down pants, how to release wees or push down for poos and how to keep their undies clean and dry. 

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