Bed Wetting: #1 Technique Most Parents Use Every Night To Help Their Kids


Ok, are you a little bit curious to know if you are using the same technique that thousands of parents use when approaching bedwetting with their kids?

I call it the - "bury your head in the sand and hope it goes away" strategy.

In truth, it can feel easier to leave your kid in nappies each night and not face the issue.

It's not that I intentionally tried to ignore the situation. With a part time job, three kids and a busy household I have to admit I was tired by the end of the day. Most evenings, I was exhausted. The last thing I wanted to face was being woken up by a wet child or have to wash piles of bedding each morning. It was just easier to continue with the status quo and put them in night nappies for a while; hoping one day they just grew out of it.

Before I knew it, years had flown by. I woke up one morning and the thought hit me. My child was a bright, social, kid who was doing well at school while maintaining a secret. Every night they did a wee in their sleep and still wore night nappies.

Every year, 15% of kids grow out of bedwetting without their parents having to do anything differently. This is often due to several factors that could include an increase in bladder capacity, illuminating constipation, an increase in the ADH hormone and a reduction of urine production at night.

"Most doctors won't treat bedwetting in kids under seven, because it's so common and because most kids do outgrow it. True enough. But in my experience, many cases of bed wetting appear to be normal and not worth treating actually have underlying causes that can be dealt with fairly easily, almost always without medication. In short, many families with young kids are suffering when they don't need to be." It's No Accident by Dr Steve Hodges MD, Pediatric urologist at Wake Forest University Medical Center

When I read this quote, it totally changed the "game". I realised that I had the opportunity to take some action steps that could help my child to stop bedwetting.

This statement goes against what everyone said to me "don't worry they'll just grow out of it". It opened my eyes to the fact there were actions that we can take, that have the potential to empower our kids to be dry all night.

It has been a dream of mine for years now to demystify the whole subject of bedwetting. Admittedly kids who wee in their sleep is hardly a hot topic of conversation at BBQ' or social gatherings.

Looloo Crew is an online place where you can share, support, and be encouraged in the journey towards night time dryness, for your child.


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