What to do when on holiday and travelling with a kid who's toilet training

Since I became a Mum, holidays have become a mission. Don't get me wrong - I loooove it when I get there but travelling is the hard part.

The car seat drama is real people.

If you are taking a child on holiday who might have a wee accident while you are out and about, it can be super tempting to take them out of underwear and put them in nappies. This is completely understandable if you are travelling while they are sleeping and they normally wear a nappy for sleep time.


If your child doesn't normally wear a nappy during the day, but you are putting a pull up on in the car. Somewhere along the line, you are going to have them go nappy free...right!?!

Here's the "must haves" to avoid the stress

1. Car seat protector

This one is great because the insert goes up and around the buckle where your child's legs are straddling the seat. By throwing the dry seat insert into the wash it makes clean up a breeze. Grab yours HERE

Check your manufacturer's guidelines for the car seat that you have. 

2. Wee Pants: Absorbent Undies

 travelling underwear for kids

Absorbent undies are great to catch the wee and give you time to pull over and find a toilet so your child can finish in the loo. That's the key - finishing in the loo means that they don't have issues with regression, and using the undies like a nappy. (Please note that this image is just for show and not indicative of correct car seat attire or doing of the seat belt please consult a car seat technician).


3. Have a change of clothes within arm's length


I like to have a wet bag with change of clothes and wipes. I normally place them sitting under the passenger seat, so I can just grab them when we are on the go. The wet bag will keep the items contained ready for when you reach your destination.

4. Put a nappy at the bottom of the potty

That way if they are somewhere awkward and need to do a wee, then they can sit on the potty with an open nappy at the bottom. This will absorb the wees and mean you can roll it up and take it home, rather than having a sloshing potty of wees to dispose of.

5. Water

It is really important for healthy bowel and bladder function for your child to have lots of water especially when they are travelling. By having a drink bottle that is clear you can monitor how much they are drinking.

6. Plan your trip

If you are doing a long distance trip then planning rest stops so your child can have a wee or poo stop along the way will avoid the "I'm busting" last minute pull overs to the side of the road. Don't wait for them to initiate toilet visits, take them regularly when you can.

 For more support and ideas to help with toilet training grab our 5 day challenge. Click HERE

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