What it's like having a small age gap between kids

Episode 21

Bronwyn’s Journey: Reflections of a Mum with 2 kids 16 months apart.

Bronwyn was on a work trip, all alone in her hotel room. She had been to the movies but decided not to have her usual - a glass of wine. She had an inkling. She went and got a pregnancy test. The minutes ticked away, she glanced down and realised that there were two lines. She was pregnant. It was unexpected and it took her breath away. 

Bronwyn is a Mum of Evelyn and Knox.  I'm so excited that she is on the podcast this week because she has been on quite a parenting journey so far. She chats with me about what it has been like having a small gap between her kids. She explained what triggered her postpartum anxiety with her first baby.

She shares her journey through processing the shock when she found out she was pregnant when her first baby was only 7 months old followed by a sudden lock down. 

She chatted about what she learned and how she had to put aside her pride and ask for help from her extended family. She shares the highlight of her parenting journey that makes her smile every day.

She encourages Mums to pick and choose the advice and opinions that they want to follow.

"You know your baby, yes seek advice but sometimes you just need to pick and choose what advice you take on board and let pass.”

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