Wee Pants Final Coloured Samples are HERE!

Wee Pants Final Samples

If you have been following my journey with designing the most comfy & absorbent kids first undies; you will know that I have been building to this day for a while.

Last Sunday, I did a Facebook live update in our pre party over on the Looloo Crew FB page. You can view the video HERE

This one is especially exciting because the final samples are here and they just look amazing. They got the colours wrong. On the retro vehicles the cotton undies part is supposed to be navy blue and the hound dogs are supposed to be with the black cotton. But you get the idea!!!

In the feedback from last week some parents said they didn't love the mustard on undies so I have paired it with the black to break it up a bit.

Next week on 18 February I will be choosing the "Day in the Life..." winners. 

Wee Pants brand reps

 Just in case you need to know more here are the details for the "Day in the Life of..." where 6 lucky children get to have their own pair of Wee Pants to enjoy.

Then provide 5 photos or a 30 second video to let us know what your child got up to in their Wee Pants. Include a caption about what they like about Wee Pants and what you like about them.

You are welcome to share them on your Facebook and Instagram pages. We would love to share them on the Looloo FB and Instagram pages.

If you're keen to give them a go:

Email to laura@looloo.co.nz 

+ Your child's clothing size (only size 2, 3 or 4 available)

+ A photo of your child

+ The top 2 designs that you love the most (Tractors & Trucks, Emergency Retro Vehicles, Unicorn Love, Hound Dog)

I will announce the kids who have won on 18 February so join the pre party group click HERE to join.

 Laura :)

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