Washing Cloth Nappies

I've lost count of the number of times parents who have tried a Sassy Pants nappy have said the washing of them is so much easier than they thought. 

Roll of linersThese bamboo liners are great for catching the poo solids. Simply flick the poo in the loo and throw the liner away in the bin. 

Washing them is not as hard as you imagine

When they first arrive soak the inserts overnight in a bucket of water and machine wash them with the nappy shells before your child wears them. 

1. Tuck and flush - Tuck the velcro tab inside the nappy onto the laundry tab provided (velcro nappies only). Flush the poo down the loo and rinse off the nappy.

2. Basket - Put the pads and nappy into a laundry basket with lots of holes or washing machine with the lid open. No need to soak.

3. Prewash - When you are ready wash at 40-60 degrees using Persil. No fabric softener or bleach.

4. Main Wash - Within 2 days, top up the machine that has the nappies in the bottom, with other small laundry items and put through a full wash.

5. Line dry - but avoid prolonged sun exposure of the nappy outer shells. Booster pads can be tumble dried if needed.

6. Stuff - Put the pad(s) into the nappy pocket ahead of time. Avoid scratching the waterproof layer with rings or finger nails.


How baby poo changes from milk to solids

One of the most common comments I hear when it comes to what worries people about reusable nappies is having to clean poo. I am hoping this video and blog will show you just how simple cleaning reusable nappies can be. 

For the first 4-6 months of your baby’s life, the only “food” they will be having is either breastmilk or formula. Babies can poo anywhere from multiple times a day or once every few days (https://www.plunket.org.nz/caring-for-your-child/hygiene-and-daily-care/poos-nappies-and-toilet/baby-poos/#formula-fed-babies-poos). Baby poo can also range in colour but you know your baby best so if you’re at all worried about your baby’s bowel movements then contact your GP. 

The first thing you want to do is rinse any poo off of your cloth wipes, nappy shell and inserts with cold water. You do not need to use any soap or soak your nappies before your first pre-wash. After rinsing your nappies, they can sit in your dry pail for 1-2 days until you do your normal wash routine. If you find there are any left over poo stains then drying your nappies in the sun will get those last stubborn stains out - it’s like magic!

As your baby starts solids, their poo will change depending on what they are eating. As baby’s poo becomes less liquid you may choose to start using a liner which will hold most of the poo. You can use this liner, or a cloth wipe if you don’t use liners, to flick the poo into the toilet. Once the poo has been flushed down the toilet you can rinse the cloth wipes, nappy shells and inserts with cold water, again you do not need to soak or scrub the stains and then pop them into your dry pail for 1-2 days until you do your pre-wash and normal washing routine. 

When you purchase your first Sassy Pants, we will include a card that outlines how to clean your nappies. There are only a few steps and the instructions are incredibly easy to follow. 

We hope that this wee blog and video have taken the worry away from cleaning reusable nappies and as always we are more than happy to answer any questions and help you along your reusable nappy journey. 

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